Well, ubuntu is installed, and my OEM version of XP filed under ‘F’, for “floor”, and, “go away”.

Initial impressions? Not too tricky to install. Although, I chose the wrong keyboard in set-up, and now the ” and @ keys are reversed. Which is a little confusing.

Also installed WINE, which is a Windows emulator translation software of some sort that lets me load and run Windows-based software. As soon as I figure out how to get Direct X running, everything will be as normal. But, on a free platform!

If it continues to run well for about a week, then I’ll install it on Second Chef’s laptop, which is reaching the end of its useful life. Instead of purchasing a new one, I’ll get another couple of years with this platform!

Oh. One niggle is that it insists on telling you when you’re using hardware with closed code. And is ever-so-slightly haughty about it. But as I say, that’s just an impression. the main issue is that the video card will only display at 51 hertz…

Otherwise? Alrighty!