So, in this interesting story the papers are advising people so save money by filling up their tanks at independent stations, why is admirable, and a great change to outright complaints!

Apparently, petrol is 3c cheaper per litre at place like Gull. Which means that you can save $1.80 on your average 60litre fill. A very smart move there. There’s no point being loyal to any particular station when they’re basically funnelling money to big corporations. The bastards.

But what makes me wonder is this… filling the car from empty will still cost you $124!!!

So someone tell me why they drive at all? Aren’t you just outright being gouged? I opted to just save the $124.

Tell you what, this is exactly why we moved to a slightly more expensive rental in town, and sold the cars. Not only are we saving money by not paying for parking, warrant of fitness and registration (up to $4k a year, per vehicle), but no throwing good money after bad with petrol costs.

Don’t feel jealous though! Move into the city! Plenty of room for everyone.

And, the more people whinging about the boy racers the better…