I feel it’s important to mark a particular milestone here on Object Dart. This blog was started back in March of 2007 after a brief hiatus from the blogosphere (some might say a well-earned rest, but that’s not entirely true). In that first month I pulled in a massive 1100 uniques, which while not comparing to the success of bloggers like Poneke, I was well pleased with, if not only because I was striking out on my own.

The next month I pulled 900. You can imagine my disappointment.

Well, the traffic has been ticking over slowly, and has really surged since making the effort to put more onto this site than just descriptions of books and the like. And then there was the sharing my energy too much and blogging all over town…

And I’m glad to report that May 2008 was my best month yet! 5000 uniques. Hardly a drop compared to the traffic Mr Brown gets, and not quite enough for me to give up the day job and retire to full-time writing, but enough to make me a somewhat happier blogger.

So, to all those of you who come along for the read, thanks. It’s good to see people mention on other sites that they’re being inspired to eat something decent, or read something interesting.