Garrick is right when he points out that some people are just whingers. Back when I lived in Melbourne a local pub was having untold trouble because a block of apartments had been built next door. Because there was no prior usage rights the pub, which was a landmark and had been there for decades, had to immediately implement sound-proofing and the like.

Now, personally I think that this type of whinging is ridiculous. Apart from enduring the endless blare of car alarms (seriously people… what in the hell are you thinking? Car alarms are the most pointless thing in the world. When was the last time you responded to one that wasn’t your own?), if you’ve moved into the city, or near an existing noise, then you have made a choice.

And that choice includes putting up with whatever ambient noises existed there before you moved in. Purchasing an apartment next to a cathedral, and then complaining, is downright stupid. It’s not like you could claim you were unaware, it’s a four story high salmon-coloured building with a bell tower on it for christssakes.

Whingers, every one of you.