This one is easy.

Steam yourself some rice. This couldn’t really get any more simple. Bring it to the boil, switch off. Put two tea towels on to keep the heat/steam in. Let sit for 20 mins. Should end up looking like the photo on the right.

While that’s steaming, get yourself out the left-over curry you made two days ago. And heat it up. It’s had enough time to sit and for the flavours to really blend nicely. After all, if you’ve gone to the hassle of roasting and mixing your own curry powder you want to enjoy it.

Oh, the recipe is in The River Cottage Meat Book. And it’s a cracker. Serve on top of the rice.

When you’ve eaten that, get the home-made yoghurt out of the fridge (you can make 2 litres for about $4), add some runny honey from the Waitangi Park markets (some Russian guy in Otaki gathers it), and put it over some of the frozen boysenberries from Moore Wilson ($7 for a kilo! Great value).

Then enjoy the rest of a lazy evening.