Second Chef seems to think I’m on some kind of crusade, and she could be right. But… take a look at all this food!!

What we have here is, some lemons left over from last week, and:

  • Bananas – 1.27kg
  • Kiwifruit – 720g
  • Feijoas – 700g
  • Mandarins – 1.66kg
  • Oranges – 990g (and not Californian Navels, they’re New Zealand Valencia)
  • Apples – 2.820kg

For a grand total of 8.16kg of fruit.

We also got a head of broccoli and some of those wee onions (they’re stronger flavoured, cost less, and have less waste).

And how much did you think this cost, and all from the Waitangi Park markets?
All is revealed after the jump.

Less than $16. I know because I took a twenty, spent $2.50 on some delicious dumplings from a stall there, and still had change.