In other news, the demands of trying to maintain too many things all at once has made me realise the need to rationalise a little. This was one of the reasons to dump the constant reviews. They were taking up too much time, weren’t all that engaging, and… I was starting to find them boring.

For the past year or so I’ve been helping out over at The Dropkicks, but I’ve been scaling that back a bit. I’m trying to make it around for a beer whenever I can, but sport is taking a backseat compared to a particular priority (which I’m currently keeping under my hat).

In other news though, I’m leaving the Wellingtonista permanently. Trying keep all the thoughts I need for my full-time job, and trying to write to too many blogs is too taxing. Some days I’m stuffed from work, and end up writing half-baked blogs that are less engaging than the reviews!

The good news is that I’m going to put a lot more effort into this blog. I think I’ve found my groove since moving off Public Address, and can now write without fear of upsetting the bosses.

So here’s to a bigger, better, more interesting blog.

One that can’t result in it being pointed out that, I don’t actually write anything relevant.