This recipe is actually an accidental discovery from one morning last summer. But a very fortuitous one. Basically we’re making crepes in a simple fashion, and adding a very sweet sauce to them.

But first things first. Put a cup of coffee on. This will keep you going during the fixing. I’m assuming after all that you’re surprising your partner with breakfast in bed.

The first surprise being the blender kicking in while you’re making the batter.

Next get all your gear together. I’m using a drinks blender to make the batter, but any old method will do. Just make sure it’s very very smooth.

You’ll also need one egg per person, at least a cup of milk, around about two cups of flour, some butter for the frying, and of course, a tin of lychees, and a punnet of strawberries. This is an incredibly simple recipe, and one that you’ll find easy to get to grips with.

The lychees will need some time to reduce, so put them on the heat immediately.

The idea with the lychees is to reduce down the syrup. It’s basically just sugars and water, so by reducing it down on a low simmer you’ll be able to thicken it up nicely. How long is a bit of guesstimation, but basically until it looks like a much thicker syrup than when you started. This can take upwards of 20mins, so get it on early while you’re making the batter.

Your coffee is probably ready to go now too. Pour yourself a cup and get back to work!

This is also probably a good time to put the oven on to warm. It just needs to be warm enough to heat a plate a little, and keep the done crepes warm while more are being cooked.

For two people add one egg or two, depending on how rich you like your crepes. Then add about a cup of milk. Add one cup of flour.

Switch on the blender and blend till smooth. Then check the consistency. You want your batter to be smooth, and maybe the thickness of a defrosted, but still cold, milkshake. It doesn’t matter if it’s too thick, you’ll just have thicker pancakes. Too thin ain’t grand though.

So if you need it thicker, add a little flour. Thinner? Add milk.
And yes, that is electrical tape on the blender. It’s had a hard life, the poor thing. Many years of faithful service to me, and my brother before me. It just goes to show, just because something is a little pakaru, it doesn’t mean you turf it out…

Ignore the poor thing in the picture and just blend that batter real good.

The next thing is just to get the batter in the pan! Put a small amount of butter in a reasonably warm, but not scalding hot pan. We’re not making Cajun-blackend fish here… Put in a bit of batter, and swirl it round a little to get to size you like. That’s for you to work out.

Then when the batter is starting to look slightly “dried” on top, or little bubble are forming? Flip it over and repeat. When it’s browned on both sides, transfer it to a warm over.

Finish all the crepes. By this time the liquid on the lychees should have reduced down a fair bit. Doesn’t matter if it’s too thin still. The timing should be about right. So, rinse out any residual batter from the blender, and tip the lychees and juice in. Blend, and return to the pot on the same temperature. Bring it back up a simmer, and let it continue to reduce.

When that’s done, cut the tops off the strawberries. This recipe doesn’t call for the green bits. You can chop a few in half as well.

And what we’re doing doesn’t call for the flashiest berry’s so you can probably get away with a few you have to cut the manky bits off.

Next, add the strawberries and stir in. Bring back up to a simmer, and stir until the strawberries have given their flavour up to the lychee syrup. Don’t overcook it, or the strawberry will fade and you’ll be left with nothing but sugar…

Right! You’re ready to plate up. While the sauce is getting up to a simmer, bring the crepes out of the oven, and place them on a plate. When that’s done, bring the sauce over, and spoon a little into the centre of each crepe. Fold the crepe over to make a half-circle, and repeat on the next.

And there you have it! If you have left-over sauce you can put it to one side and save for later, or, you can drown your crepes in it! You can also dust lightly with icing sugar if you’re after a little extra sweetness, but… this dish is waaay sweet enough already.

As they say, always leave them wanting more.