Well, Sunday afternoon was a bit tough so I decided to go switch off brain and enjoy a little pointless entertainment.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Although, the Raquel Welch version will always be better.

10,000 BC is about a tribe of mammoth hunters who are attacked by “evil 4-legged devils”, and it’s up to our heroes to rescue the people enslaved and stolen. You can see where we’re going from here.

All in all not a bad film. The bad critters are particularly bad, the good guys particularly good. There are ‘meaningful things said’ about manhood and responsibility (“some men draw a circle about themselves and bring as many into it as possible…”), and there are all the moral lessons you expect from this genre. Mind you, their one cliché was to make all the really bad guys…. yup. Arabs.

Once again a bit of a roller-coaster, and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?