Despite reading that Dan didn’t like this film so much, I’m going out on a limb and saying it wasn’t too bad.

Moliere is a famous French satirist, and the film tells the story of he and his troupe returning to Paris after 13 years touring the provinces. They’ve been honing their art, and are preparing to entertain the brother of the King. Mysteriously, Moliere is summoned away to speak with a sick someone, and the story flash-backs to the years before the troupe leaves Paris.

I think what made me enjoy this film the most was the expectation of something very lite. I thought I’d been indulging in some quite intense entertainment and needed a bit of a laugh. And Moliere is that. I’ve heard a few criticisms now, but the film left me with an overall positive impression.

It is a farce, but the writer is able to introduce just enough seriousness to the plot to ensure that some  lessons are learned, and the characters are all forced to resolve a potentially fatal flaw. Pretty formulaic stuff, but light on it’s feet, often laugh-out-loud funny, and a leading lady who is, without doubt, ravishing.