You know I think my advancing age means I’m rapidly becoming more cynical than I ever could have imagined?

Where once I found it easy to forgo any kind of investment in the lives of other people, I’m finding it difficult these days to not view with a slight condescension the mistakes of others. Especially when they’re making the exact same mistakes I’ve myself made in the past.

The trouble is that I know I’ve not seen it all. I’m still relatively young for christssakes. But I think I’ve seen enough to know really stupid actions when I see them (I also know that the trouble with blogging is that your readers, if they know you personally, can assume you’re talking about them. So let me immediately disclaim any one person’s actions. This is cynicism built on years of holier-than-thou arrogance, across a couple of different continents).

It’s one of those things though, innit? The human condition dictates that we have to learn everything from the ground up. As soon as we draw that breath of life we’re on a learning curve to old-age and curmudgeonly protestation.

So is this just plateauing? Am I just reaching the point where I’ve screwed up enough times to finally ascend to a level of “experienced and learned”. Fingers finally kept off the hot-plate?

Something tells me probably. Perhaps all these grey hairs (the ones which I once protested to a willing and slightly sneaky plucker were wisdom, and that I would one day have many) are finally rooted enough to bestow a moderate foresight?

And for the cynicism, perhaps all that is needed is resign myself to letting people make mistakes. It’s not my place to govern the lives of others. I am no-one’s keeper but my own, after all. Worse, it would be egotistical to think my experience is something others need, when theirs is a but a footstep waiting to be placed, on a path still unfolding before them.

Or, maybe, I’m just becoming an old coot.