The only thing to note here is that originally this post was to be about making fajitas. Unfortunately my Flickr account hit the 200 photo limit, and I ran out of puff! So we’ll be looking at fajitas another day. Sorry to disappoint.
So today it’s just the guacamole.

In a nutshell, guacamole is basically just a way of making avocado sexy. Like you need to do that… Sexy damn avocados.

This is a nice fresh avocado from early in the season. It’s juicy and green, so will make excellent guacamole. That said, you can make guacamole with pretty much any type of avocado, just some are better.

To open an avocado you need to cut through the centre of the stem (or where the stem used to be, if it’s there when you buy it, flick it out). Then roll the blade all the way around the stone in the centre, dividing the fruit in two.

Once you’ve cut all the way round, then twist one half. It should turn, and then you lift it off. If you’ve got that mastered, then get a reasonable sized knife and *tap* it into the stone. For god’s sake do not give it a bloody great whack. Avocados are extremely slippery and you’ll do yourself a mischief.

The stone will come away with the knife, and you can then begin the simple task of lifting the pulp out with a spoon. This isn’t rocket science.

Put the pulp into a bowl and mash it with a fork. You can do all this in a food processor, but using a fork will make it more ‘rustic’ and chunky. Unless your avo is too ripe. In which case you’re sunk anyhow.

Next take a dollop of cream cheese (to taste, but not too much. The avos should be the fixture), and mix it in, then season with salt, red pepper and black pepper.

Mix it all thoroughly, but without turning it into paste. Done!

Other ingredients you could add are very finely chopped onion for a bit of bite, or fresh chili to zing it up a little.

You can eat this however you like, on nachos, on corn chips as a dip, on tacos or fajitas.

Now, that’s all I have for you today, but when I get my Flickr account sorted I’ll bring more!