After reading a slightly negative review of this film on the interweb I didn’t have very high expectations. Which is probably a good thing. I Am Legend is pretty much 28 Days Later meets The Omega Man. And don’t ya just love the way that zombies are always screaming and scary these days?

Will Smith stars as the sole New York survivor of a virus created by Dr Smarty-Pants, and he’s working hard to find the cure. Naturally this isn’t easy, especially when he pisses off some uber-monster.

I think my greatest concern is that Will Smith would ham it up in the classic Independence Day style. All ‘bad’ and no substance, but, I was pleasantly surprised. You can actually feel the guy’s isolation and there are some genuinely sad, and scary moments thrown in.

The story is predictable, but you get that in blockbusters based on previous films. Basically Legend is a strap-yourself-in and enjoy-the-ride horror with all the frights where you expect frights, all the schmaltz where you expect schmaltz, and… Bob Marley!

The upside is that it doesn’t cross that fine, fine line between schmaltz and terrible cheese. There were plenty of opportunities for over-acted angst, but they never quite take you there. So, I’d recommend you go enjoy it.

And, watch out for the CGI lions early in the piece. Bloody awful.