As far as romantic comedies (“romcom’s”) go, Priceless isn’t too bad. Fortunately it’s French, so it manages to sneak a little of the farce, and little social commentary in there to let you know it’s not all just shallow old people being ripped off by their toy-boy/girls.

And that’s pretty much the entire story. Audrey Tatou plays a young gold-digger who mistakenly falls into bed with a lowly bartender on her birthday, despite the wealthy older man asleep back in her hotel room. Naturally the bartender (Gad Elmaleh) falls for her, and resolves to win her over.

I enjoyed this film, despite Tatou looking like she just needed a decent meal (which was highly distracting), and despite the magic between the two leads being a little artificial at times. As I say, the writers managed to sneak a little social commentary into this one that kept my interest. For instance, who is being exploited, the whores, or the wealthy patrons?

That said, there’s not much else in Priceless to set it apart from any other formulaic romcom you could name. We’re pretty much looking at a rainy afternoon film. The Riviera scenery is spectacular, and the lifestyle these people are supposed to lead is incredible, but the content is kind of in the ‘ordinary’ range.