Blimmin great novel. End of the World Blues is the tale of an Englishman in Tokyo. He’s married to a Japanese woman and they run a bar together somewhere in the seedy suburbs of a bustling Japanese urban landscape. Until a fire destroys the bar and kills his wife that same day as a tramp tries to murder him in a street.

End of the World Blues is a tale of Edo Rope Bondage, distant human futures, time travel, and the gangster underworld of at least two countries. The story unravels like the bound ropes of a sordid affair, with ‘Kit Nouveau’ draw ever deeper into a series of mysteries that bind his past with his present, and between them the far distant future.

When writing up my notes on Light I complained that the multiple threads of the story don’t adequately tie together. But Grimwood provides a series of interwoven plots that while at times hanging awkwardly, do actually produce a coherent whole. Add to that the gentle unfolding of Kit’s life (not to mention the mysterious and powerful Lady Neku), and you have a book that settles into a fascinating series of scenes set in two great cities.

A recommended book for Sci-Fi fans who don’t mind their fiction near-future with a far-future storyline tied in.