Well, it was a hell of a night, I must say.

First of all thanks to all the Wellingtonista’s who put in so much effort to making the night work out. I hope the great turn-out and the many many happy punters are reward enough.

As I hazily remember it… the night kicked off with Russell Brown calling the Public Address Quiz, won in a landslide by “team right”, and away they took the Rob Muldoon Memorial Toby Jug. And that’s literally took it away.

If anyone’s seen a stocky right-wing blogger in possession of my antique, please ask him to return it.

We then swang (after a short break to buy extra alcohol), into the AWAs. And congratulations to all the winners. I’m sure they’ll be listed on the Wellingtonista in the fullness of time. The “fullness of time” being at least one person with the list recovering from their hangovers of course.

And finally, to wrap it up, no less than New Zealand rock royalty in the form of Blam Blam Blam.

It was a fantastic set, from stonking old ska/punk tunes, to those melodies you’ve got to recognise in later projects (such as Song from the Front Lawn).

And frankly, I’m blimmin pooped.

But better get it together and go to Agile BarCamp Wellington.

She’s all go in our wee city, let me tell you.

PS. Oh, and the dancer’s rhythm, our Alan, he haz it.