In a word, dull.

I’m hating to say it, but Asimov’s story and style has not aged well. It was something I noticed in Foundation, with his writing coming across as ever-so-slightly pompous.

The Gods Themselves is almost unreadable.

The story centres on a bit of pseudo-science. Apparently, aliens from another universe are swapping electrons from their universe with positrons from ours. The resultant matter is able to generate electricity.

And that’s about it. Apparently the swapping is overloading the sun on both universes, and it could lead to some kind of supernova. The only thing that can stop it is our intrepid hero, who’s battling to both communicate with the weird photosythesizing aliens on the other side, while just getting his own people to listen, damnit!!

But… although the premise is good, the writing is dull, uninspiring, and couldn’t engage me enough to want to finish it. Let’s face it, Cold War analogies just don’t cut it in 2007.