I think what I learned from this film is that some actors are bad even when they’re only providing voice. I’ve enjoyed a few Ray Winstone films, but not because of Ray, who tends to play slightly wooden, slightly scary characters of type you could easily meet in real life. That criticism aside, Beowulf 3D was something of a ripping yarn.

As you can glean from the brief discussion over at the Wellingtonista, Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon epic thought to date from the C10th, and, was probably brought with the Saxons from Northern Europe in their oral traditions.

Then Hollywood got it as part of the latest fad for sword and sandal movies.

That said, it was thoroughly enjoyable. The detail in much of the animation was at the cutting edge of current technology. Other bits looked like something out of World of Warcraft. They appear to have no idea how to animate horses for example. They looked ridiculous. But Angelina’s bod? The boys seem to have worked in their own time on that one.

As for the 3D animation, it was actually not too bad. I was worried that after having loaded up on sugar it was going to make me a little seasick, but it turned out to be used reasonably, and mostly to effect. It even delivers a few frights…

The downside of the film is that it doesn’t really feel ‘epic’. It is a ripping yarn, but there is little grandeur about it. The characters aren’t larger than life, there is little suspense, and the elements of fate, fatality and heroic weakness are subsumed beneath the flashy effects.

On the other hand? Your actors can get really really old and fat, and the computer guys can fix it!