This film is based on a book of the same name by Israeli writer David Grossman. The story centres on a young guy searching for a young woman to give her a ticket for letting her dog get put in the pound.

Two plots run concurrently in the film, with Assaf (the guy) following Tamar’s trail using her dog Dinka as a guide. Meanwhile, Tamar is searching the streets of Jerusalem for someone and falls in with a fagan-like character.

A pretty tense film at times, with both the characters being little more than children and out on the streets of a tough city. It’s also shot in Super-VHS(?), which gives it a grainy, dogma-like feel.  This does tend to allow the viewer to make excuses for the at times weak story-line, but that might just be the loss of meaning in translation.

For instance, at one point Assaf gets beaten up by some thugs. But there’s no explanation of why, except perhaps that “it’s tough out there”. I thought at the time that there might have been some explanation of events in the book that didn’t come thru in the film.

All told though, an interesting film with a genuineness about it.