Well, to be honest, this book just confused me.

Amnesia Moon is the story of ‘Chaos’ a guy who lives in an old movie theatre in whoknowswhere Wyoming, in some sort of bizarre post-apocalyptic USA. After an altercation with the guy who runs the town, who also happens to be the last fat man in America (TM), Chaos flees the town, and sets out on a series of adventures.

Or at least I think they’re adventures…

The problem is that this book is really seriously confusing past this point.

Apparently, what’s happened is that the USA has somehow dissolved into a series of ‘local events’, where specific people with the ability to dream reality into existence hold sway. So, I figured that this must be some kind of metaphor for something right?

Damned if I could find it though.

The storytelling is convoluted, many of the ideas appear to have no logical connection to others, some characters appear and are never heard from again, and the entire premise is just a little lame.

Might try one more Lethem book in future, and if it’s not as good as Motherless Brooklyn, give him a miss.