Well, in what some are calling a demonstration of Howard’s extreme hubris, the Liberal coalition government appears to have been mauled in the Australian Federal election, with a likely 6% swing against the incumbent Government. Let me tell you, that is not only huge, it was predicted as near impossible after the last election.

And all I can say is about damn time.

With neither major New Zealand website currently carrying any useful information, I got up and went to the Melbourne Age and The Australian sites.

Let’s start by saying I’m the first to recognise Howard’s skill as a politician. He is a wily, clear-eyed thinker and has an uncanny sense for what the electorate wants.

At least, until this election.

And good riddance. Early results even have the lying, wedge-making, racist toerag losing his own seat.

Now, despite many Australian commenters calling a ‘narrowing’ that might allow the Coalition to at least save face with a slim loss, Possum Pollytics has pretty much consistently called the election in favour of Labor ever since, well, ever since. Big, big credit to the Possum. Genius… absolute genius.

The end result? Likely to be 84 seats Labor, 58 seats Coalition. That’s a crushing defeat in anyone’s books.

Just goes to show what happens when you don’t have a boatload of refugees, a major terrorist attack, or an inept opposition to exploit… Maybe Rudd will even offer and apology to Aboriginal people!!

And the bad news? Australia just became a slightly more interesting place to live and work.

Let’s leave John with these wee YouTube videos. They include a discussion of his famous speech to a reconciliation convention in 1997. The one where he completely loses it because people boo and turn their backs on him.

PS. UPDATE 1600 Sunday. Costello not to take up mantle as Opposition Leader. This is a pity actually. Costello is the most liberal of the Liberals, and one of the few Liberals I had genuine respect for. If anything you have to admire his loyalty. Few others would have put up with Howard for as long as he did…