Light is a space opera set with three separate narratives. The first is a brilliant but extremely troubled scientist in contemporary England, the second a human stuck in a virtual reality tank, and the third the cyborg captain of a “K-Ship”.

Problem is, that’s about all I can tell you.

I found this book fascinating, but ultimately disappointing. While the narratives are interesting reading in and of themselves, they mesh together poorly, almost superficially, and don’t reall reach a definite conclusion or climax. There’s some self-realisation, some alien warfare, some inter-species shagging, but not much else really?

I can certainly see where Harrison wanted to go with the novel. The three narratives do mesh, but almost incidentally. At no time is there the suggestion that they’re inter-dependent, but by the book’s conclusion you see that they are. The problem, in my most humble opinion, is that the author has only tied them together to reach the climax of the story, and not interwoven them.

For example, the actions of the scientist are most definitely set well in the present, while the other two stories are very future. But the scientist’s actions don’t actually effect the outcomes for the future characters.

And it’s a pity, because the writing is genuinely fascinating, and the hard science behind the book convincing (to an educated layman like myself).

All that said, is a good and engaging read.