The sequel to Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo continues roughly were the first book lets of.

Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep attends a murder only to find that his mother’s best working girl seems to be implicated, and so is compelled to ensure she is not charged. It’s a short and sharp entry into the lives of the denizens of Bangkok, and a tour of Thailand itself.

Once again Burdett is able to bring the reader close to the seamy underside of Tahi life, but in a tone that doesn’t patronise or titillate. Instead, sex and drugs is a lingua franca tying together East and West, a commercial language everyone embraces.

Except the murdered man turns out to have been CIA, and the Americans are very keen to pin it on Al Qaeda…

Another ripping yarn. A few small foibles, for instance at least one character is introduced, but never really develops, and overall a good read.

Never thought I’d start getting into mysteries, but there you go.