Why in the hell I wasted money on this is beyond me…

Maaaaatt Daaaaamon returns to play Jason Bourne, ass-kicker extraordinaire in this the third installment of The Bourne series, itself a remake of the exceedingly lame 1988 mini-series. Remember mini-series? They could waste days of your time at once…

With any kind of luck this is the end of the series, but you never know the power of box-office taking to drive crap films. I’m starting to think we’re seeing the age of pulp movies being churned out of a shed in Hollywood somewhere.

This time round Bourne is up to his eyeballs in “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” after a London journalist uncovers some very interesting information about what those pesky CIA spooks are up to. Basically Bourne just wants to get on with some semblance of an ordinary life, but his memories are returning, and he has to sort those puppies out…


The plot holes and stupid actions are laid on pretty damn thick in this one, with at one perfect opportunity to walk up and shoot Bourne in the head while he’s unconscious from a large explosion going begging. He also does not seem to suffer any noticeable concussion or hearing loss from being with 5m of a very, very large explosion. Stupid.

There’s also some CIA directory-evil-killy-not-nice-chap who’s determined that Bourne is public enemy number one, and refuses to take no for an answer. This leads him to many extremely lame conclusions, and extremely dumb actions.

By the end of the film I was pretty much just plain bored and pissed off.

Some nice scenery, but, otherwise, not worth the coin.

Might have to go visit Tangier someday. Looks delightful.