Interesting email from a concerned citizen this morning.

The government’s Central Office of Information (COI) is creating a blog monitoring utility that will track hot debates on government policy and forward them to relevant departments.

Reported here. The Central Office of Information is the UK government’s marketing and communications agency, and by the looks of the article they’re monitoring key blogs for information on public opinion. They then package up their findings, and send it on to interested parties.

This type of monitoring could be benign. After all, why should an information-gathering agency pay for public opinion in surveys or focus groups when it can get it for free, right? If anything, they’re saving the public money!

On the other hand, it’s proof that all those keystrokes you’re making is, or could be, monitored somewhere. They’ll also have your URL.

So, you ever worry that the government might not be hearing your voice? Get online! There will be a spook in a well-tailored suit clocking up your comments in no time.

And, they’re not the only one’s. The World Bank is in on the action too. In fact, you’d be surprised who’s watching what happens in the blogsphere. I was.

This is well good news.