You know, I’m really not sure why I like this film so much?

Punch Drunk Love is an Adam Sandler vehicle. He plays Barry Egan, a borderline obsessive-compulsive who lives in the shadow of his overbearing sisters. The story is based around the introduction of Barry to Lena, a friend of one of the incredibly obnoxious sisters, and the inevitable love match (hey… it’s a romantic comedy. I’m not giving anything away).

Maybe what’s so great is that Punch Drunk Love is not a stereotypical rom-com. Lena for example is not a ‘perfect woman’, and has her own foibles. If anything she is more of a maternal figure for our confused and poorly socialised Barry. Plus, there is no external crisis that might prevent the couple getting together. Instead, Barry fluffs it in the apartment doorway the exact way we all have…

So, a good movie. But this time round there were a few things I noticed that might be interesting.

Barry wears a blue suit for the duration of the film. He’s bought it the day before he meets Lena, and the more the suit is exposed to her, the stronger he becomes. Barry is, in effect, a superhero. One whose potential is only released by Lena.

Lena is a maternal figure, a woman who actually keeps his confidence. That’s something not to be underestimated.

Barry is not autistic. I read someone suggesting it, but after having read A Perfect World I’m inclined to think that’s just a stupidification of “autism”. Barry is just poorly socialised and badly hen-pecked by his SEVEN sisters. Brother just needed to get out and play ball with some guys a bit more…