OK. Take a bunch of Hollywood O/S, John McClane, a bunch of terrorist guys, and a few tins of whip-ass. And there you have it, Die Hard 4.0. Or, as it seems have been labeled in the US of A, Live Free or Die Hard.

The latter is a stupid, stupid title. But anyhow. Roller-coaster ride. Big time. The action starts at about 5mins in, or as long as it takes to introduce the characters, and then just keeps on coming. And coming. And coming.

The story is that some dastardly terrorist guy is plotting to do something extremely evil to the US of A unless he’s stopped, and while John doesn’t want to have to be “that guy”, well, he’s just gunna have to. You can see where we’re going from here.

To be honest, I’ve always liked the Die Hard films. There are the usual cheesy one-liners, but not as cheesy as the Governator. There is action, but not as stupidly stupid as Rambo. And there are girls, but not as explicitly half-nude as anything with a Bond guy in it.

Die Hard 4.0 doesn’t disappoint. I was looking hard for plot holes, and besides the usual John McClane is freaking bullet-proof and able to fall from heights without winding himself or breaking anything serious, not too bad.

The dastardly plan is to steal everyone’s money by instigating a “fire sale”, a massive collapse of all the US of A’s computer systems. Apparently all the financial records are backed up, and the Bad Guys are going to steal them. But, John has an ace up his sleeve in the form of a young hacker guy he’s saved from being killed with extreme prejudice. Young hacker guy immediately falls into the roll of sidekick, and off this modern day Western goes.

I’d recommend switching off brain, strapping yourself into your seat with about a kilo of sugar and enjoying it in all it’s total impossibility.

Oh, and if you can’t remember the plot to the other three films, here’s a little refresher.