Well, if you’re looking for formulaic romantic comedy, then this is the film for you.

Knocked Up takes the classic odd-couple-destined-for-true-love and throws a small bundle of joy into the mix. Ben (Seth Rogen) has gone and got Alison (Katherine Heigl) up the duff, and they have to deal with the consequences.

Now, if you’re expecting a morality play on the option to keep a child or not, then you’re only going to be slightly disappointed. Surprise, surprise. They decide not to have a termination.

If what you want is a good laugh, then come see this film. But! Make sure you’re attending a crowded theatre, that always seems to enjoy my appreciation of rom-coms. The more people laugh, the more I enjoy it.

Knocked Up is also disappointing in a number of ways, which you can only put down to poor editing. There are a number of incomplete scenes in the film, or arguments that end abruptly with no resolution (and after all, romcom is all about resolution).

For example, one thing that annoyed me was Ben’s ability to consistently sponge of someone. The guy apparently has little or no cash, but they’re constantly dining out somewhere, buying baby books, and accepting the good grace of Alison’s sister. How the hell you live like that in Los Angeles is completely beyond me. This particularly obvious point of conflict, Ben’s mooching, is never explored at all.

There’s a litany of such overlooked points.

So, a romcom yes. A bit of a laugh. But not a classic. Turn off brain and enjoy.