Yet another inadvertent recommendation from Idiot/Savant, I chewed through this book in a couple of evenings. Mostly because it is highly captivating.

In Stardust Gaiman takes the traditional hero story and presents it in such a novel way it’s hard not to be entranced by the characters, the setting, and the style.

The story centres on Tristan Thorn, who sets out one evening to recover a fallen star, and thereby win the heart of his one true love. Sound cheesy? Well… What Gaiman does is twist the usual poor-boy made good stodge of all-too many fantasy stories and present it with incredible charm.

There are no real surprises in the plot while you’re reading it, but once the story in it’s entirety has been laid out it’s obvious that you’d just read every Tad Williams book ever. But good.

From the crossing over to the Faerie world, to the winning of the heart of his true love, Thorn’s story is fantastic, economical, and incredible. A highly recommended little read.

Oh, and apparently it’s soon to be released as a movie.