While I’m all for Web2.0 and social media, my foray into Facebook has proven a little boring. It was only three or four days before I was no longer interesting in constantly updating my profile, my status, my friends list, my movies, my TV habits (none), my music, my opinions, my photos, my blahdy-frickin-blah.

If you’re not familiar with it, Facebook is a web application that allows you to publish a profile of yourself and share it with friends. It’s hugely popular with ‘the youth’ and is essentially the same type of application as the MySpace you might have heard about.

While I can see why people find it great, staying in near-constant touch with your friends for example, they way everyone does with SMS, personally I’m not sold on the idea.

What the social networking revolution offers is these great and fantastic ways of communicating to each other. It also offers us the chance to connect more closely to people over great distances. But in Facebooks case? It offers the chance to data mine like a mthrfkcer.

Facebook itself seems to offer a small guarantee that it’s not using your personal information for business purposes, according to Wikipedia that is, but apparently this is not the case for the third-party applications everyone enjoys using. Got the “Favourite Movies” app? Someone is tracking that. Got the “Places Visited” app? Someone knows about the typical travel habits of someone in your demographic.

It’s entirely possible that this is a flight of fancy, and there’s no need to up my dose of anti-paranoia drugs. On the other hand, it’s entirely reasonable to think they’d be data mining. And why the hell not? And what’s actually wrong with that? Well, nothing. It just kind of pisses me off.

I think what my gripe really runs to is that the site doesn’t seem to offer much more than a sense of connectivity I’m not really needing right now, and a faint whiff of things to come in the continual commercialisation of teh interweb. All yr datas r belong 2 us.

Oh… and be warned. You can’t delete your account. Once that thing is up you can only suspend your membership. If you want to delete the content you’ll have to make several hundred clicks to remove everything off the site. Unless you go through all that drama, everyone in the world will be able to access everything they need to know about you, for eternity.