Forever is set in the Pere Lachaise in Paris, a cemetery probably best known as the burial place of Jim Morrison. Which is a pity, because there’s plenty of actual musicians buried there who are worth giving a damn about.

Thus far, Forever is the best film of the festival for me. It’s slow moving, but the slightly ponderous pace lends itself well to what is after all a film about the afterlife.

The interest in the film is the people who occupy the gradually decaying space of the cemetery, spending time with loved ones, tending the graves and tombs of long-deceased artists, or pondering life itself amid a sea of stone and gardens.

The documentary maker is extremely clever in her selection of persons to interview, and gives us a fascinating glimpse into the lives of a number of occupants both dead and alive. The main theme seemed to be the artistic lives of Parisians, with the deceased and their followers alike immersed in the world of painting, music and writing.

A great little film that made me wish to be in a city with even more life.

Ah well.