Now, I have a lot of respect for Hollie Smith. Her work on other peoples albums has been outstanding. “Bathe in the River” is an all-time favourite, and almost made me watch No.2 all on its own.

Ever want to feel like some kind of traitor though? Trying saying these words, “Smith’s new album? Dull.”

Unfortunately, it’s true. I’ve tried listening to it a number of times, and all it makes me want to do is to try find Smith playing live somewhere so I can feel reassured I haven’t wasted my money. Probably the problem is bad production.

But it could also be that they songs are uninspired, don’t sound like soul, and seem to rest almost entirely on Smith churning out “whoa-yeah”.

Avoid it if you can. Which will be difficult, since it has ‘cafe backgrounder’ written all over it.