Simply Paris is a small cafe on Cuba Street. It’s a few doors up from Floriditas in what seems to be becoming the French quarter of Wellington!

Ok. That’s an exaggeration, but there is some mighty nice food in that part of the world. And it does seem like French food is the Italian food of the Noughties.

Essentially, we were wanting a place to eat some quality food after seeing a good film, and a number of positive reviews of Simply Paris had rolled in over the past few weeks. We took the opportunity to indulge. Not too much of course, but, a little.

My main interest was the cassoulet. Since learning to make duck confit a few weeks ago I’ve wanted to cook it in this particularly French traditional dish. And it was everything I expected. Cassoulet is a rich white bean casserole, combining sausage, duck and pork belly. This meant I ate a lot of animal. And enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to making it for guests.

The better half ate the ‘aundilleamathingy’ a type of sausage that’s… a bit like a sausage roll? Anyhow, it was served with mashed potatoes au gratin (with cheese on) and a rocket salad. Also extremely delicious.

The wine list is modest, and the staff were great fun. Apparently you have to book, but we managed to stroll in on a Saturday and get the table way down the back.

Did I mention the staff were great fun? At one point I looked up and they were dancing to the guitarist plucking away in the corner. Polite, courteous, prompt, clear, and a laugh.

You can’t really ask for much more. Not cheap, at aroudn $25 for a main. But worth every cent (unlike Bistro on Boulcoutt…)