Well, webstock went swimmingly! Even for a noob like me.

As mentioned on their site, I was called in for the negative team in the Webate “Is Web2.0 all fizz and no substance?”. And we won!!

I think the better half’s 30-odd sms votes might have swayed things in our favour. But then that’s what better halves are for, right?

I found Leigh Blackall’s presentation on Second Life pretty interesting. As a former player of mmorpg and games in general I can see the attraction. But. Damn that stuff takes up a lot of time. Waaay too much time.

The other interesting thing he presented was a utility being adapted for Flickr that allows 3d rendering of famous locations from the photos in people’s accounts. It was amazing. If anyone has the name of the product (bit pissed, have forgotten) I’d love to know what it is.

Likewise Robert O’Callahan’s presentation on Firefox 3. To be honest, much of it was geek speak that I only just kind of understood. There was much sage nodding regardless… As soon as I work out how to put Firefox on a USB key I’m doing so, and then using Firefox at work. If they kick up a fuss, there will be a fight. A fight I’ll probably lose. But then not all fights are won on the first day out.

So, moving right along. I’d like the thank Brenda and Philip, my able team-mates. And I’d like to congratulate the opposition, Mark, Sandy and Mike for a fun, clean fight. My only heckling was from my own team. Which is always a good indication.