Well, the mistake I made was reading PKD’s biography before I read this book.

The book itself is mildly interesting if you’re a PKD fan. Essentially it is a description of a descent into madness by Dick in the early 1970s. He’d been taking pills of various sorts for many years, and he “totally whigged out” in quite a spectacular fashion. Personally, I think it’s something of a surprise the melt-down didn’t happen earlier.

Anyhow. The book could have been interesting had the biography not explained the background to the various characters. As it is I found myself not actually reading the story, but instead notinghow he’d strung particular events and chartacters from his real life into the story.

And that was extremely frustrating. A bit like watching a movie when you’ve seen all the footage already. Or trying to read a pastiche page of snippets from a series of different tales (which is pretty much all this is).

So I guess I’d better just try and find “A Man in a High Castle”. I already have the gist, but am interesting in what is supposedly and actual story.