Well, I figure that I’m eating at some great places in the city, so I might as well tell you all about them!

Plum is in the Cuba Mall, and is becoming recognised as one of those great little places to eat at when you want decent prices and terrific food. Especially on a Friday night.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the new decor at first (it’s been relatively recently refurbished), but someone pointed out to me that the long row of tables that make up the dining area give the place a “french diner” feel. You can sit at one end of the room as see virtually every diner in the place, what they’re eating, and who they’re with. Not recommended if you’re on a soiree.

Food-wise I’ve make the fortunate mistake of ordering the vietnamese beef salad twice, and it’s fantastic (Friday night, remember), and the greater fortune of ordering the pork belly the third time. Terrific, and for the price, excellent.

So, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced meal that is more than edible to boot, head to Plum!