Actually, I dunno why I called this post that. I wasn’t by myself for more than a few minutes for the entire weekend!

Much like last year, I was easily convinced to join a 48Hours team and quickly embraced my new role. When I discovered what that role was. Because it changed. A number of times. Almost but not quite an annoying amount of times. But it did change. And one should embrace change. Especially when that change involves me changing from a person who gets yelled at to a yeller.

Assistant Director it was then.

The weekend started with Paul, the guy told he was to be the Director of Photography (i.e. he holds the camera), turning up at the Mt Victoria bowling club to receive our team’s genre and the three gimmicks each team needs to include. Plenty of tense and/or excited teams let me tell you. We ended up with “Religious or Educational”, which was a bit of a let-down, but seen as we were in the 1st heat Paul and I were able to brain-storm a few ideas before everyone was released at 7pm to go make films!!

These ideas were subsequently ignored by Hadyn and Mike, the writers. But you get that in the film business.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Last year had it’s dramatic moments, but this year everything seemed to come together really nicely, from the team, to the filming, to the actors, to the storyline. I even managed to get enough sleep!

The bad news is that we found out that we barely missed the cut to make it into the Wellington finals, which was my personal goal for this year (besides the yelling that is). But, considering how far we doubtless were last year, this is fantastic!

As I said to the cast and crew in an email after the event, 48Hours is really all about the great contacts you make. Any kind of winning is secondary to getting to know someone who can loan you something, give you some kind of favour, or help you out if you need it. Artistic communities don’t run on cash, they run on goodwill and great networks of greater people.

Although… a little cash is always good.