Well, it’s not every weekend you get to see a dominatrix spanking someone live on stage in timid wee Wellington. You can imagine my suprise then when the rack with the three different types of paddle is lowered and a volunteer called from the audience.

And no. It wasn’t me.

The first time I saw Ivanja was at last year’s Heavenly Burlesque, a rip-roaring night that made me pine for the burlesque of supremely decadent Paris. The show was great, and the performers fantastic, but sometimes you just wish you’d had a chance to see what it was like back in the day. The kids of hippies must get like that.

Ivanja was walking through the really crowded Paramount theatre, and she cut quite a figure. Black patent leather, horse-whip and all.

The same character was put on show at Bats theatre last Friday and it was hilarious. Who ever thought making Strawberry lamingtons could be so fascinating?! And delicious! They were actually better than the last ones I remember having at a tea rooms in Taihape!!

So, I’ll not spoil the show, but make sure you get along and see her next time she performs. Make sure you’re not too timid or tame to be offended by the mention, but not demonstration of lurid sexual acts though. No point getting wowsers into the audience.

Oh, and Ivanja, you speaking to ‘Neal’ still rankles in my memory. I’m glad you said good bye to him, he doesn’t deserve you.