I’ve been forced to come back from lunch early to protest the extreme crapness of Boxo, a chain of noodles-in-a-box stores here in Wellington.

It’s twice now that I’ve thought I’d give their food a try, and twice that I’ve been extremely disappointed.

The first time was on Molesworth Street. That store has since closed. The extreme crapness was likely to have been the cause, because other food stores in the area seem to be doing ok.

The time was the The Terrace shop. Nice place. Worked by three very pretty, very haughty boys.

Sorry guys. You can be as pretty and haughty as you like. The food you’re serving is shit, and you’re casual, “eat it and love it” attitude hasn’t sold me. $9.50 for a few grams of soggy rice and a “tikka masala” that basically tastes like over-boiled chicken and onions is not what I call a meal.

I’d rather break the Subway boycott that set foot in that Boxo place ever again…