Jesus… more redemption than you can shake a stick at. Pete gets redeemed, a bunch of bad guys get redeemed, and everybody in NYC just freakin’ loves Spidey.

The story is basically that everything is good for Pete and Mary-Jane until an evil alien parasite locks onto the spider-suit and things really kick off.

All in all, not a bad yarn. There are a few dead patches where they must have edited out bumpf to save time (ie where they show the parasite to a physics professor), but otherwise the film trundles along nicely. Few good laughs (watch for the French maitre de), lots of good fight scenes, and a surprisingly good looking “other” love interest (who was the water-waif in Lady in the Water!! amazing what a bottle of peroxide and a little make-up can do. And! turns out she’s Ron Howard’s daughter. Will the wonders never cease.)

Well, as far as nights-out go, get along to see it. Unplug brain, try to to sit near any slightly-crazy fans (we had one ‘enthusiatic’ young lady narrating all the way thru. Nice her parents let her out of the house on her own), and enjoy the trip into NYC, Spiderman style.

PS Friday Morning. Well, I’m still thinking about the film, which is a good sign. But. My main criticism is that the film just tries to do too much, and the narrative suffers because of it. It’s all Pete and his relationship with MJ almost to pieces AND the Hobgoblin is out for revenge AND Pete discovers his uncle’s killer is on the loose and Pete needs some payback AND Pete battles with his inner demons and it releases Venom.

Too much work, and the story jumps all around because of it. But? Meh.