In a word? Obvious. I can see what M. Night Shyamalan has tried to do with this film, and to be frank, it hasn’t worked.

The story centres on Cleveland Heap, an odd-job man in a condominium in “somewhere, America”. Cleveland has lost his family to a murder and is hiding from the world in the chalet attached to the condo. One night he thinks someone is in the condo pool, “no swimming after 7!!”, and knocks himself out, falling into the pool. He awakes, and finds he’s been rescued by a waif-like beauty.

Well, as it turns out, the beauty is a princess of a mystical water people, and she’s here to inspire someone to do something great for humanity. Naturally ‘humanity’ means, the United States, but we can overlook that one.

The story kind of goes downhill from there. Only two things stood out for me.

1. The killing of a film and theatre critic by a wolf-like creature who’s actually after the waif. As I say, obvious. Shyamalan’s other film The Village was panned, so this is probably him getting a little pay-back.

2. The healing of the waif by Cleveland. This is probably the only actual content of the film worth mentioning because, well, it got a little tear out of me. While Cleveland is healing her, he actually healing himself by talking about the loss of his family. I found it moving.

Otherwise what we have is a weak plot, and bunch of annoying mythical characters, and loads of annoying morals like “it’s better if we’re in this together”, and “it’s not always who you expect”.