After thoroughly enjoying The Atrocity Archives I took to this book in earnest. It’s quite a page-turner to be honest, and if I had to say just two words of criticism they would be ‘space opera’.

Those two words said, the story centres on the death of a planet when a star goes supernova. No-one is sure who used the weapon that set off the star, but it sets in train a series of events.

But, as I say, it is a space opera, so the events are limited somewhat to a thriller plot that takes a young girl from her home habitat, to a space liner, and back again. There are “superhumans” you’d be an idiot not to associate with Nazis, action heros, big spaceships that travel faster than light, blah blah blah.

So yeah, a throughly enjoyable read, a definite page-turner, gripping in places, and interesting in execution.

The main thing I noticed was marked similarities to the Atrocity Archives. The Nazis for one, and evil bureaucrats for another. But the book lacked the extreme originality of the Atrocity Archives, and while well-written and fun, was essentially yet another science-fiction story!

I’d recommend reading it, all the same.