loved this film. if you’ve ever been exposed to junkies, been a junkie, or even just know someone who’s close to one, you’ll understand the tense undertones this film cultivates.

the story centres on tracey, who’s a recovering junkie somewhere in melting-pot sydney. and i mean melting pot. one of my first impressions was of tracey and her family constantly surrounded by vietnamese or cambodian families and the amount she both contrasted and fit in with them. kind of makes you think of a hansonist distopia, if white australians really are “swamped” by asians. but what the racial divide provides is a futher undertone of tension to the story, which really kicks off when her ex-boyfriend turns up suddenly after a four-year hiatus.

this film leaves me questioning why australians are so good at writing films that provide dramatic tension without drama. jindabyne, lantana, oyster farmer, these are all films with believeable characters, undertones of past events the watcher can’t fully grasp, and doesn’t need to grasp to get the story. the past just sits under the surface keeping the characters bouyant, and rolling us through to the end.

and that’s pretty much tracey in a nutshell. she has a future she can see, not aspirational, but real. but her past keeps rising just high enough to frustrate her ambitions and threaten to drag her back down into the fug. it’s the story of all junkies and battlers to make it thru a past that constantly threatens to drown them in despair.

again, i loved this film. go rent it today.