So. A small film about a big buy with a heart of gold. And it’s excellent. Favourite line?

“Well would you look at that. Snow. Ain’t it pretty. Bloody good on it.”

Jason at miromiro pointed out to me that compared to something like The Castle, a classic of an Australian film, Kenny weights in as truly iconic. The Castle was written by a bunch of well meaning chardonnay socialists, but Kenny captures the true heart of Australia. The kinds of blokes who that evil like bastard Howard appeals to… somehow. The Australian everyman, good honest, hard-working guys who just want a steady job and for things to work out.

Kenny is a mockumentary about a guy who works for a portaloo company in Melbourne. Its not a sophisticated film, with the constant poo references, and it keeps itself honest all the while. It plays on this lumbering great bloke and his day to day struggle to just keep being a nice guy in the face of adversity. And its the adversity that really exposes the true underside of Melbourne.

While you could just roll along seeing the big guy being a complete sweetheart, what I noticed more was the seemingly deliberate addition of all the middle to upper class assholes Kenny has to deal with. The guy in the suit who won’t shake his hand. The snooty Toorak bitches who scold him for bringing his son to work, then are spotted completely drunk, cackling like hags and falling in their own urine. The aggressive and criminally stupid hoons at a car show.

Its the side of Australia someone like your John Howards of the world want to appeal to, but have probably never actually seen. Dropping the political commentary (sorry, its a habit I’m working to drop entirely), it’s a great, lite, sweet film I’d recommend anyone should see.