A friend teased me once for inadvertently selecting gay films from the shelves. This has been proven correct once again.

Fifty ways to say fabulous jumped out at me because it talks about being an unusual kid growing up in small town New Zealand. The cover mentioned a kid who cross-dresses a little out of pubescent gender confusion, and I thought my liberal sensibilities could cope with that. But, I’d never heard of the film, which surprised me because I like to keep track of New Zealand titles.

What the cover did not warn me about was a scene with two 13 year old boys mutually masterbating. That pushed both my homophobia and anti-pederasty discomfort ratings through the roof, and said film was stopped.

And that’s a pity, because it was shaping up to be a good film. The acting by the young stars is both convincing and great, and the story seemed to be both challenging and very much like the New Zealand of 1975 I remember. But with less guy on guy action.

So, if you’re wanting to watch be warned about the content. If you’re comfortable with, or identify with, slightly graphic depictions of the struggles of being a gay boy in a small town New Zealand then hop to it.