well, me birthday is rapidly encroaching, so you know what i’d really like?

a diagnosis!! yay!! [claps hands like happy five year old]

i’ve set up this page on the site that will attempt to document exacly how freaking useless the local hospital is. ok, ok… i know that they’re hard working people who are under-resourced blah blah blah. my gripe is levels of inefficiency that result in it taking over a month for an appointment with a cardiologist to be booked. not attended. BOOKED.

my greatest concern is that, whatever the hell this heart condition is, they’re letting me sit on some medication until ‘my condition’ becomes grave enough to warrant their attention.

thing is, i am responsible for my own health. all what i really want is to know what the hell is going on. once i know that, i’ll be able to take care of my own health, as i have done with the bad-back that’s been plaguing me since the early 1990s (i don’t bitch about my back, i ensure i exercise, take care of it, sleep on a firm bed, etc).

but… because i’m completely unable to get access to a cardiologist, and haven’t for over a year, i don’t actually know what or how serious my heart is.

so, i’ll keep writing to the medical history page as and when things (don’t) happen. hopefully it will serve as an example to others of how not to trust the public health system.

oh, and before you ask, private insurance does not cover men my age for heart-related illness. now there’s a word of warning. all those years of medical insurance? useless.