It had been a day much like any other, Glenis attendance at work only noticeable by the slow movement of her shoulders as she breathed out the minutes to smoko. That, and the impressive bulk of her frame.

She looked again to the doorway of the shop, and returned to gazing out the windows at the apartment over the road. Soon… soon… he would appear.

Naturally this bout of self-indulgent daydreaming was interrupted by the most unlikely of sources, a customer. Gerald wandered in through the door and strayed to a pile of unsorted clothes, gradually working up to energy to turn over a t-shirt sitting on top and gaze wistfuly at it.

“How much for this?”

“Dunno” Glenis replied.

He rustled in the pile again and produced a small, worn and green pair of shorts.

“What about this?”

“It wouldn’t fit you, besides, you aren’t looking anywhere sexy enough to show something like leg.”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Mate, your skinny little ass deserves to be in nothing less than a full set of jeans that will never ever allow any poor bastard to even glimpse the faintest whiff of your pasty, worthless, boney cheeks lest they fall over in shock and disgust.”

“You reckon?”

“Pretty much”

PS. Realised that this bite isn’t going to be part of the overall TATPIYN story… you’ll want to jump ahead a month or so to “These are the people in your neighbourhood”.