well, in a word, ordinary. if these are telecom’s best prospects, then we’re all as doomed as those lost fools using xtra.

i shouldn’t be too harsh. some of the young artists included in the exhibition definitely had the feel of ‘rising’ talent, meaning they seemed to have potential to produce some truly interesting pieces. other stuff was just shit.

the stuff i liked is anything that demonstrated a young artist learning their craft, perhaps making a few mistakes, but generally honing their skills. the infinity guitar case was interesting for example. the big cardboard box that occasionally jumped like something was under it? very well made, but the idea was a little dull. giant canvasses with paint smeared all over them? boring, and not very arty. evokes strong connotations of “4 year old niece”.

there were a few bloody awful paintings like that in there, more than a few, and the exhibition is really only saved by the craft and sculpture.

i’ll have to go back and take another look. i think after a couple of drinks on a friday night i’m not 100% focussed on art, and having luke buda belting out chimes in the background was a little distracting. all in all though, “good side of average”